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Before I started traveling I was reluctant to believe some races of men are more highly desired by women than others. Growing up in multi-cultural DC, I’d see white guys, black guys, and Latinos all getting with reasonable-looking teens in the clubs. I did notice that Asian guys only got with

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When Nan’s husband Teddy cuts her off from sex, her body develops a brand new language, all its own

I hope I have debunked the fantasy that a man can fly into any foreign country and easily find his dream teen within a short amount of time. The reality is that meeting foreign women can be just as laborious as meeting women in your own country, and that’s not including the monetary cost of travel

Marilyne is a French woman who studied at Paris,where lives a quiet life in the company of Herve, a co-the faculty. Their lives are changed by the behavior of their mother, a woman immersed

Weather: Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, but it’s been summer here ever since winter abruptly stopped about a month ago. Spring must be on spring break as it barely visited the Midwest.

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View Larger Map. Interestingly, Saratov is right across the river from a city called Engels (angels). Note: if every search for Russian women were included on this list, it would have been waaaaaaaaay longer.

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Mar 13, 2015 · Mike Redway has been busy in the music business for over 50 years. He was born in Leeds in 1939, and with the help of his singer man, alias Johnnie Leeds, in 1956 he joined the John Fearnley singers.

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Travel warnings for Mexico have caused chaos since a crude explosive device detonated on Feb. 21 aboard a ferry that operates between popular resort areas.

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