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Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge refers to a viral photo trend on Chinese social media in which women post selfies of themselves making a heart-shape with their hands over their breasts such that their hand covers their nipple to avoid censorship.

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CHLOE Ferry has revealed she is having a boob job after an uplift left her with horror scars. The Geordie Shore star took to Snapchat to post an emotional video back in September last year where she admitted going under the knife after being trolled over her “saggy” breasts. Chloe, 22, cried as she

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Bizarre Boob Behavior Ever feel like your breasts have a mind of their own? Hold on to your bra straps—we uncover what’s normal and what’s not.

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In the 22nd century, the body of women is clearly divided in 2 types. They are really big or really small and there’s no in-between. They try to determine their superiority over another and it divided the world in two… See also: Boob Wars 2 Monster teen Quest Moon. Battle Moon Wars Pretty Soldier Wars […]

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Sexy Lisa Ann was born in Easton Pennsylvania on May 9, 1972. She is 5’2 and 112 lbs with some amazing 38DD tits up top.

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A STUNNING New Zealand-born model has spoken out about the difficulties she had following a boob job enlarging her breasts from a C cup to a DD. The 23-year-old uploaded a video to her YouTube channel explaining that her new breasts have left her with insecurities and intense pain. Sarah decided to

Circulating message that features a series of images depicting objects shaped like human female breasts claims that the objects are gourds or pumpkins that grow naturally in …

Aug 15, 2016 · If you haven’t noticed, this summer is all about the side-boob. Is this the new sexy, shareable er

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