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Have you ever heard about fat bomb smoothie? Continue reading to find out about a perfect drink for when on a keto diet. The fat bomb smoothie.

A dairy free low carb raspberry avocado smoothie that’s sure to be loved by all. So delicious, the s will never know it has healthy avocado in it.

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Simply the best keto low carb green smoothie bowl recipe – and it actually tastes delicious! Quick, easy, healthy, diabetic friendly and sugar-free, too.

If you’re watching your carbs or trying to cut back on your sugar intake — even natural sugars — grab your blender and whip up this subtly sweet and creamy smoothie.

You are on a low-carb diet and tired of eating the same thing? Grab my 7 low-carb smoothie recipes. Delicious, healthy and low in carbohydrates.

This great tasting banana smoothie is perfect for breakfast or for cooling down on a hot day. The smoothie is surprisingly sweet but has no added sugar and has a low …

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We began as an organic farming college before we became yogurt makers. 35 years later, our mission is still healthy.

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The green smoothie is super popular, but it’s usually loaded with sugar. Here’s a healthier low carb keto smoothie made with avocado and mint. I’m so excited to have Kim from Low Carb Maven guest post at Low Carb Yum today. She’s one of my favorite bloggers because her food photos are

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Low Carb Strawberry Smoothie. This low carb strawberry cheesecake smoothie whips up in just minutes. It’s even more delicious than combining your …

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Cheesecake is a decadent, full fat, sweet, and filling dessert. This smoothie hits all those marks, sans the carbohydrates in the graham cracker crust.

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