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2. FATSOUNDS 3. SURVIVAL 4. Koko Dewanai, Dokoka E (ここではない、どこかへ) 5. HAPPINESS 6. summer FM 7. LEVEL DEVIL 8. BE WITH YOU 9. Winter, again

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Kirito is the protagonist form the series Sword Art Online. It has Dual swords ability, nice comboes and a gameplay based off Capcom vs Snk. Kirito by Sennou can be downloaded here

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Discography: Live at the Quasimodo (81)others: Reviews: Arakontis is a Berlin-based, rather nondescript, funky fusion band with rock leanings led …

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Appearances In video games Dead or Alive series. Kasumi is the main character and protagonist of the first two games in the series. She and her man Hayate are the respected heirs apparent of their clan, the Mugen Tenshin (霧幻天神流).

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