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Jaran (although we call him a bunch of different names, such as JaranBall, Ball, Mr Fluffypants, Bubbaloo and Mr Jaran) Cat Names. Figuring out cat names for your Ragdoll cat or any cat for that matter can prove to be a difficult task, especially if …

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Cat owner Mary Sproles Martin said on Facebook that her cat had been shaved three times, even though her pet had a visible scar from her spay.

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At The Red Cat, Bradley and his team have created a restaurant offering city residents and visitors alike the opportunity to restore themselves in a …

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The earliest evidence of felines as deities comes from a c. 3100 BC crystal cup decorated with an image of the cat-headed goddess Mafdet.The goddess Bastet was originally depicted as a fiercely protective and warlike lioness, like Sekhmet, but as Bastet’s image “softened” over time, she became more strongly associated with domestic cats.

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